For more than 25 years, Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Bioethics has supported healthcare professionals with ethics consultation, policy development and education services. Our expertise encompasses ethical issues arising in outpatient, inpatient and intensive care settings, and in the design and conduct of clinical trials. In addition to serving on hospital ethics committees and institutional review boards, our consultants have a long history of advising healthcare organizations on ethics-related policy matters and program development.


Our Department of Bioethics has created a program, e-Ethics Cleveland Clinic, to help others respond to ethical challenges in patient care. Advances in medical technology have spurred the field of bioethics as healthcare professionals, patients and their families struggle to negotiate the boundaries between what medicine can and should do. Professionals across the spectrum of healthcare delivery settings confront difficult choices in patient care and immediate pressures to reach a decision.

Using state-of-the-art digital resources, we offer expertise to healthcare professionals in real time. We assist by:

  • Identifying and analyzing value uncertainty or conflict
  • Promoting communication and a respectful atmosphere for decision making
  • Recommending dispute-resolution strategies
  • Facilitating the process of building a principled ethical resolution

We can provide ethics education tailored to meet your healthcare organization’s specific needs, whether to supplement existing ethics education or establish new curricula. Beyond consultation on specific cases, ethics consultants aim to prevent or reduce ethical conflicts from arising or recurring.

Clinical Ethics Immersion

Cleveland Clinic’s Clinical Ethics Immersion Program (ClEIP) is a rigorous immersion learning experience with a three-day preparatory intensive course. Through the three-day intensive course, program participants will come together to learn classical methods of ethics consultation as well as new and emerging approaches in clinical ethics. The one-on-one immersion component of the course will be tailored to the individual participant’s learning needs, and will include a focused study of a specialty within clinical ethics. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in the clinical setting on an ethics consultation service that conducts more than 500 consultations annually. They will do so under the guidance and expertise of the 12 dedicated Bioethics faculty of Cleveland Clinic.

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