Site Visits

Patient Experience Leadership Forum

This 3-day intensive and collaborative forum covers the entire spectrum of patient experience at Cleveland Clinic, from building and operationalizing a patient experience strategy to sustaining and sharing a patient experience-focused culture across a multi-faceted healthcare organization with more than 40,000 caregivers in facilities around the world.

Patient Experience Workshop

This one-day workshop focuses exclusively on Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Patient Experience. Attendees will get overviews on how we implemented our patient-centric culture, best practices, patient experience strategy and our measurement tools.

Executive Visitors’ Program

Cleveland Clinic’s quarterly executive leadership educational session is a three-day workshop that provides an overview of Cleveland Clinic with a one-day focus on Patient Experience.

Customized Site Visit

The Patient Experience Advisory Group offers customized Cleveland Clinic site visits for your team that features a campus tour, presentations by patient experience subject matter experts and an overview of Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Patient Experience.