Patient Experience Visit

This one-day workshop focuses exclusively on Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Patient Experience.

Attendees will get overviews on how we implemented our patient-centric culture, improve healthcare communication, best practices and our measurement tools, with the following topics of discussion:

  • Moving Toward Patient-Centered Care: Learn how Cleveland Clinic defines patient experience and the motivation for adopting patient-centered care.
  • Inspiring a Patient-Centric Culture: Learn how to begin a cultural transformation, conceptually and operationally.
  • Effective Communication in Nursing: Learn how the Nursing Institute aligns with and contributes to patient experience.
  • Improving Physician Communications: Discover how Cleveland Clinic encourages physician ownership and support through focused efforts to improve healthcare communication.
  • Patient and Provider Relations: Learn how the Patient and Provider Relations team serves as an advocate and resource for patients and referring physicians.
  • Measuring Patient Experience: Review patient experience measurement tools, and learn how the information is used.
  • Best Practices Tools and Services: Learn how Cleveland Clinic effects change management around best practices, and discover concrete examples of best practices.